Somewhere between the sunny optimism of youth and the eloquent and thoughtful passions of age; my life is a beautiful blessing.

What if it’s all a mistake but you’re too far in.


by m. wriston

This Blackfish ordeal is so exhausting. It’s absolutely heartbreaking how many people from both sides seem to be unable to accept that there are merits and faults on either end. I see so many people blindly hating and following one thing or another without putting proper weight into the science and politics behind the situation. I don’t even want to get into how short-sighted and narrow half the arguments are, it’s just disappointing. It makes me miss academia more than ever. 



Wow. I’m not one for nature usually but… yeah wow

i love this

I keep bouncing around the internet,

back and forth,

click click click,

over and over and over.

I’m looking for something.

I know not what it is,

nor where I will find it.

But I do know

I will not find it bouncing around

over and over


click click



There’s something to be said for the silent ways pets fill you with love, but I know not what that is nor how to say it. There’s this way my dog makes me feel with her love, as if I have, in all of my brokenness and failings, done something worthwhile. A creature so innocent and dear desires my presence, and it is so pure and honest a desire - told not through words but through her presence, her head on my knee as I work on the computer, her warmth curled against me as I read in my bed, her great effort in limping up the stairs so that she is not away from me for the minute I take to use the restroom. There is a joy that comes from an animal’s love, a unique feeling that is so wonderful and confounding. What have I done to deserve such devotion? I know not. There is something to be said for the way a pet envokes such feelings, but I know not what it is nor how to say it.